Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Of All the Stupid Things by Alexandra Diaz

This book is, essentially, about friendship and love and what we do for both. The story is told by each of the three friends, alternating between chapters – Tara, Whitney Blaire, and Pinkie. They have been friends forever, and do everything together.
Tara is an athlete and spends her time training for marathons and hanging with her mom.Whitney Blaire is a bit of a diva and spends her time shopping and checking out boys, and dealing with parents who are never home. Pinkie is an honors student, on committees, and is always writing letters to her Mama.
Each of the girls has their own issues that they are dealing with, but they also have a strong friendship. That all changes when a new girl shows up. All of a sudden everything is out of order, and things start falling apart between them. Can their friendship weather this?
I loved the way Diaz presented (almost, see below) all of the issues in this book. Each of the girls had a major relationship issue that was at once completely believable and well written. As I am counting this book toward the QLBT Challenge, obviously you can guess there is some sort of GLBT relationship in this book. I won’t say any more, but I will say that it was written extraordinarily well. The way the friends react to it is especially well done. It’s not smooth, it’s not always pretty, but it is realistic.
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